@punkscience @kev not that I know of. The Telegram groups I'm in consist mainly of close friends and direct conversations through Twitter and Reddit.

@kev I keep up to date through this Fediverse account, my Twitter account, and LinkedIn.

I am also subscribed to a few tech and cybersecurity podcasts that I like.

Lastly, I am in a Telegram group where we discuss cybersecurity and consumer tech.

Reminder: I have developed a fully static status page. I wouldn't consider it production ready just yet, there are some cosmetic quirks that I'd like to fix soon, but it is regardless just usable for the time being github.com/Kydara/Andromeda

You can see it in action at status.kydara.com/

Do let me know if you'd like any changes made to it, or if you have suggestions or ideas.

this whole "the internet is intangible therefore safe" idiocy is annoying the shit out of me.

>"lol who cares what porn I watch?"
well that'd be Google, FB, NSA, CIA, MI5, et. al. pretty much anyone with a vested interest in data

>"why are they following you? what makes you so special?"
No one is special under the watchful eyes of the panopticon, so it's not just "me", everyone is equally regarded as potential threat/dissident/anomaly that must be quelled.

>"only bad people care about anonymity"
a lot of famous people boost their own posts and reply to their own posts with fake profiles. Governments do it too, so this is a very telling argument tbf... And while anonymity is not the same as pseudonymous, to pretend to be someone else is very much disingenuous, to "have no name" is *not* disingenuous whatsoever. It puts a focus on words and merit, not just "identity" (w/e that means)... Furthermore, to say that "bad people do X, therefore people that do X are bad" is just embarrassingly bad logic...

>"it's not like they can even do anything even if they are following us lmao"
These are real people who have put together a massive data collection apparatus for the world's spy agencies, and real people who act on the data. What makes FB, Google so profitable? Not advertising, that's for sure! It's their ability to *target* (which just means de-anonymize)

>"why are you so scared? what are you afraid of?"
Why are you so blind? Data collection, data leaks, data sale, data trade, search engine manipulation, content manipulation, context manipulation, government spying, corporate spying, spousal and familial spyware, IOT Panopticon, stuxnet 2.0, WWIII, "Terminator IRL"

@mgrondin I recommend you go full-on with Yubikeys. Get a USB-C Linux phone, a USB-C Yubikey, and you just need the Yubico Authenticator desktop app, and it's all done! A great experience, and crazy secure as well.

Encryption has greatly enhanced privacy and security in the past few years. But in 2019, law enforcement officials in the US, UK, and Australia launched an all-out attack on encrypted messaging, to users鈥 detriment. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/12/fanc

People I admire: Scatman John.


His birth name is John Paul Larkin.

Did you know he suffered from a severe stutter? Before singing, he hid behind pianos because he was afraid to talk to others.

In 1995, at age 53, he became a worlwide star with his hit "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)". He passed away at age 57, merely four years after becoming incredibly famous.

馃毆 :blobcat::blobowo:
-"No kitty, there's a storm outside."

馃毆 :blobcattilt::blobnervous:
-*meowww~ ;.;*
-"It's raining hard you're gonna hate it."

馃毆 :blobmiou::blobtired:
-*mewww~ T-T*
-"Ugh FINE. Just go."

馃毆 :blobglare:

馃毆 :blobcatsurprised::blobglare:
-"Yeah. I know. It's raining."

I want more .txt websites. Human-readable text-only websites. The only allowed interaction, is scrolling.

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@Feuerfuchs To be fair the browsers Google arguably has banned have a very small userbase. Qutebrowser, for example, uses a relatively uncommon web engine (QtWebEngine, or an old QtWebKit version with security vulnerabilities).

It's not cool that Google restricts access to their websites to only certain browsers, but it isn't like they're banning Firefox or making it slower (like what they do with YouTube). It's probably the fact that making cross-platform webapps across engines is really hard.

@ataraxia937 It greatly depends on the country you're looking for job in.

I know Indeed is fairly popular in Ireland, USA, and Germany. InfoJobs for Spain. Randstad for Norway.

LinkedIn is really popular in all countries, really.

This looks neat! A visual, browser-based frontend to GDB


Should serve as a gentle introduction to debuggers for beginners. Will check it out later tomorrow.

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