@ataraxia937 Well, both approaches thwart different things. The first thwarts targeted advertising and profiling techniques. The second one avoids unwanted leaks and perhaps potential fires from a job that doesn't like what you tweet.

"Okay, here's the scenario. You are a crew member on a starship."
"Space travel is slow, you'll be stuck with your crewmates a long time."
"So we must get along."
"Yes. Communicate, listen, share limited resources."
"I can do that. What's the starship called?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I really needed a logo for Kydara. This is what I came up with. Simple and sharp. What do you think?

Hui, and more fancy open source software:


Advanced grammar help, sponsored by the European Union, published as free software. And free to use in the basic configuration, with some additional, more business focused tools which are available at a higher price tier.

Want to run it yourself? Here you go:


#grammer #language #freesoftware #writing

@sheogorath There's no Norwegian, which is a Schengen country, but there's Russian and Persian. What?

During these times of quarantines and self-isolation, I'm challenging all my contacts with Apple Watch to a 7-day competition. Send me your iCloud e-mail address or phone number, and I will send you the invitation.

I have been struggling with this for a while, and can't manage to find an explanation or a fix for it. My Alpine machine isn't running crontabs for non-root users. Why does this happen? Also, how can I make a script in root's crontab be run as a different user?

There's a way to unblock a reported user? I would like to follow a user from mastodon.madrid that someone reported and blocked of mastodon.social

cc/ @Support @Gargron

@amolith I think I had that issue. I fixed i by signing up for Google Postmaster Tools (I believe that was its name).

@amolith I just realised something.

I also have an .xyz domain, and some online services reject me signing up with domains wih such TLD. Perhaps Google will never stop tagging your mail as spam.

I've noticed some of my .one domains failing to resolve intermittently. Has any of you experienced the same? It's pretty weird.

xda-developers.com/mediatek-su Huge, very easy to exploit MediaTek vulnerability leaves Android devices completely unprotected, and it is being used in the wild right now.

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