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Honestly I ran out of ideas for my blog, and I don't know what to post. I could keep posting CTFs but it seems kinda unappealing to me... Suggestions?

Sometimes I get the feeling that humans are more concerned with having than being.

@john_tedesco I'm not sure if you're aware, but being on Keybase means you can also offer your PGP/GPG key to anyone who uses it. For example, for me, in the screenshot, it appears below the "5 devices" link.

PGP/GPG is the form of encryption ProtonMail uses, so it is well industry-tested.

Threema is not widely used because it costs money. But if you decide on buying it and want to test it with someone, let me know and I'll give you my Threema ID.

Hello @john_tedesco. Thanks for the follow. I guess you found me through some Mastodon mass-following tool while you were searching for people in Information Security / Hacking.

Reading your contact page, have you considered...?:

1 - Signal. End to end encrypted, FOSS and only requires a phone number.
2 - Threema. Audited, Swiss-made, closed source, single payment application.
3 - Keybase/traditional PGP/GPG.

Let me know if you need help setting any of those up.

@sheogorath @tootapp That doesn't really solve the problem. CloudFlare is still MITMing your connection regardless. But instead of blindly trusting your server's certificate, it will check it.

User's data is still vulnerable. Completely unacceptable.

@sheogorath @tootapp Indeed. You should never trust CloudFlare. If you need me to help with traffic, I can help you. Please PM me and we can work it out.

In all honesty I knew I shouldn't trust closed source software for my notes. Especially not Microsoft-made. But it felt really convenient for the time. Until problems started appearing, exactly when I needed my notes the most. This is unacceptable for a multinational multibillionaire enterprise, with so many incredibly talented engineers.

But you disappointed me again when I tried to move note sections to a different notebook from my iPad. Then, your app crashed and my notes were left in an inconsistent state. Some notes appeared on the new notebook, but others showed as "not synchronised yet", and every time I tried to open the iPad app again, it crashed within seconds. So you lost my university notes.

I'm going back to regular file sync. Hello @nextcloud, good bye Microsoft.

OneNote, I trusted you. But you failed me. You failed me once when I accidentally surpassed the storage limit, creating a mess and making me pay to temporarily lift the storage size. I had to manually recover the notes from an older OneNote version because the newer ones don't have an "export to PDF" or even to proprietary OneNote format. I decided to give you a second opportunity.

You can see what kind of spam you expose yourself to if you allow comments without any kind of bot verification mechanism here:

I have decided to disable comments on my blog because, after more than 150 comments received, none of them had actual content, and were merely spam and black SEO. Ads about amoxicilin and questionable drug sellers.

I also do this because I refuse to use Google reCaptcha, as I think it poses a threat to individual privacy.

As always, I'm open for suggestions.


After listening to think it's a quite complicated step. Dropping i386 support is not happening over night and will, due to Ubuntu 18.04 stay around for up to 10 years (9 further). getting rid of it, before the next LTS seems to be a good idea.

It's definitely time to set a termination date for i386, not just from Ubuntu, but other distributions as well.


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