Alg煤n ser incivilizado se dedica a cortar los cables de frenos de los patinetes el茅ctricos compartidos. Esto es el colmo.

Si eres usuario de estos patinetes, COMPRUEBA LOS FRENOS ANTES DE DESBLOQUEAR, tu vida y la de los dem谩s depende de ello.

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Okay I don't understand what's going on.

This guy (first picture) claims to have solved an exercise, yet his solution pretty much looks recursive to the left to me anyway.

I solved it on the second picture. Am I correct or what?

Just finished my custom made keyboard. Starting small. Just a keypad. Cherry Red Silent. Looking good?

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Ever since I deployed this on my server, I have banned quite a few incoming addresses... And it's been barely a year.

So apparently I can make good-looking handwritten notes. Who would鈥檝e known.

I鈥檓 helping scientists understand AIDS, cancer, and Zika. I donate my idle computing time so they can take advantage of my CPU and GPU. It costs me a few cents in electricity, and I help scientific efforts that take mankind forward. Care to join me?

Hey @Tutanota, that鈥檚 a great way to avoid spam! Is this system developed in-house? I would love to learn how it works. Do you use Postfix?

This is from the CTF challenge.

What does this mean? When can I expect an invitation? I've read their documentation at but they don't explain what private programs are...

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