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Can you guess when is the deadline?

Yes. It's this week. Tomorrow, actually.

Please kill me.

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I just learned Eduard Punset passed away.

Many Spaniards know him as the host on a program called 鈥淩edes鈥 on national television, with the intention of bringing science to everyone.

Punset was a very passionate and intelligent person, and even got involved in Spain鈥檚 politics in the 80s.

Thank you for all your efforts 馃檹馃徎, Punset. May you rest in peace, and may you be remembered for all eternity.

RIP 1936-2019


Alg煤n ser incivilizado se dedica a cortar los cables de frenos de los patinetes el茅ctricos compartidos. Esto es el colmo.

Si eres usuario de estos patinetes, COMPRUEBA LOS FRENOS ANTES DE DESBLOQUEAR, tu vida y la de los dem谩s depende de ello.

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Okay I don't understand what's going on.

This guy (first picture) claims to have solved an exercise, yet his solution pretty much looks recursive to the left to me anyway.

I solved it on the second picture. Am I correct or what?

Just finished my custom made keyboard. Starting small. Just a keypad. Cherry Red Silent. Looking good?

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Ever since I deployed this on my server, I have banned quite a few incoming addresses... And it's been barely a year.

So apparently I can make good-looking handwritten notes. Who would鈥檝e known.

I鈥檓 helping scientists understand AIDS, cancer, and Zika. I donate my idle computing time so they can take advantage of my CPU and GPU. It costs me a few cents in electricity, and I help scientific efforts that take mankind forward. Care to join me?

Hey @Tutanota, that鈥檚 a great way to avoid spam! Is this system developed in-house? I would love to learn how it works. Do you use Postfix?

This is from the CTF challenge.

What does this mean? When can I expect an invitation? I've read their documentation at but they don't explain what private programs are...

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