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First post on my experience interviewing for Amazon Web Services! More coming soon

Please, let me know your thoughts.

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I am thrilled to announce I have accepted the employment offer from cPanel, and I will be joining their talented team next Tuesday!

After more than 2 months looking for different openings in multiple companies, I have finally decided to settle on cPanel as I am convinced I will be a valuable part of the team, and I'll be able to learn and grow with my team.

Hello Fedi.

Do you like Computer Science? Cybersecurity? Math?

Do you use Telegram?

Would you like to join a Telegram channel with absolutely zero ads, and tons of content related to these fields? Yes?

Click the link!

I really needed a logo for Kydara. This is what I came up with. Simple and sharp. What do you think?

I have a 16 GB MacBook Pro.

Purple is compressed, blue is wired (locked by kernel drivers, etc), red is active (userland and so on).

16 GB of RAM is absolutely enough for a laptop nowadays and for the next few years. Perhaps 5 years down the line I will have a little more trouble as web browsers become increasingly bloated, but it is fine for now.

By the way, I typically run two Chromium instances side-by-side and another Electron-based app, and still struggle to hit near 75% of RAM usage.

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2004: TrueCrypt 3.0 was released, adding hidden volume support for containers and the Serpent and Twofish algorithms. In 2014 its developers abruptly announced development was ceasing and recommended users switch to alternative encryption technology


My blog is now CDN free, and thanks to the use of aggressive local and server caching, it should feel just as fast as it was before!

@ultem Seems like this instance doesn't have this post for some reason, but yeah, that sounds like a good idea! I'm not an expert by any means but I'd love to have someone to play with.

Does this orange-on-black color scheme look good or is it too flashy? 馃

New blog theme is coming along nicely. What do you think?

Just finishing the last touches!

Thanks, Tian Qi.

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