Does anyone know of an European IT company hiring English speakers? I am willing to learn the local language, but I will probably not have full proficiency on day one.

I'm thinking Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland, although I can also consider Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries outside of Europe.

Please, contact me or let me know where I can apply!

@L1Cafe I recall Protonmail and Tutanota advertised job openings recently. What type of work are you looking for?

@supernova System administration, security, and development, in that order, although my sysadmin experience is much more extended.

@L1Cafe A lot of remote IT jobs are floating around. So I wish you luck to find one soon. In case anything crosses My eye from now on, I will share it with U. But sadly Mastodon does not have DM's... In the mean time, do stay safe from #Covid_19 infections.

@L1Cafe I saw needed a back end engineer, they're based in the Netherlands

@fishbowl Oh, Blender is dutch? Thanks for the heads-up, applying right away!

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