I have a 16 GB MacBook Pro.

Purple is compressed, blue is wired (locked by kernel drivers, etc), red is active (userland and so on).

16 GB of RAM is absolutely enough for a laptop nowadays and for the next few years. Perhaps 5 years down the line I will have a little more trouble as web browsers become increasingly bloated, but it is fine for now.

By the way, I typically run two Chromium instances side-by-side and another Electron-based app, and still struggle to hit near 75% of RAM usage.

@L1Cafe dunno how you do that. I'm constantly at 14-16 GB used (out of 16) running essentially nothing. I'd kill for a 64GB model.

@jonah Well, I run many more apps than those three chromium instances, but the rest are all native macOS apps. Actually, except Spotify. Spotify is Electron I think. So it's four Chromium instances taking Spotify into account. Hmmm...

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