I am a Computer Science student on my last year of university. I am looking for someone friendly who wishes to help me with my final thesis:, it's a programming language.

It doesn't have to be a single person to help me, and it doesn't have to be full-time help. Suggestions are always appreciated, but it would just be great to have someone friendly to chat with who has experience with compilers and parsers.

If you don't, maybe you can boost this? Thx!

@L1Cafe I'd recommend understanding a couple minimalist languages--Forth and Smalltalk come to mind. Also John Backus' "FP", or its older and more evolved kin APL (but APL is by no means minimalist).

@L1Cafe You're welcome! I realized I should mention Lisp, at least "pure" Lisp (like FP, no side effects). It's notable in that its data structure (i.e., lists) is also its programs.

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