This is the exact same reason why I switched to iPhone. iPhone SE too!

Great article, @kev, good job.

@L1Cafe @kev this is why I never touched Android or anything made by Google or Shit-book in the first place🤓

@L1Cafe @kev I recently did the opposite moving to an OnePlus 5t running LineageOS from being an iPhone user since the first one. I miss having usable maps and dictation, but it's been okay so far. Just feel like whichever we choose we're just being fed different kinds of shit sandwiches.

@dustin @kev Yep. Agreed. I'm by no means an Apple Sheep. Both iOS and Android have their own shortcomings... But it's not like you have much choice apart from those two anyway. What are you going to do? Install Ubuntu Touch? Firefox OS?

Even BlackBerry is now yet another Android manufacturer.

Sad. Very sad.

@L1Cafe @dustin @kev if your device supports it, you could opt for SailfishOS, postmarketOS, Plasma Mobile, Lune OS, Maemo Leste, (Purism's) Phosh. All of these will be supported by the #Pinepnone from @PINE64

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