Does this orange-on-black color scheme look good or is it too flashy? 🤔

@nikolal I should probably make it a pastel blue or something similar, right? Hmmm...

Yeah, pastel blue is more calm on the eyes. I like the black background tho

@Wetrix Now I'm confused. Someone said it's flashy, but you like it... Hahahaha, I guess I'll just change it to blue.

@L1Cafe I think it looks really good in orange but hey, whatever feels right to you ➡️😎

@Wetrix @L1Cafe I've been converting as many applications as possible to dark themes lately. I have found the Obsidian and Solarize color pallets very pleasing.

@supernova @Wetrix I personally used to like Solarize, but not anymore. I just roll with Tomorrow Night nowadays.

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