I literally can't believe I'm just one year away from graduating. I'll start working in September and the academic load will decrease significantly because the last year only has 3 subjects (apart from the final project, of course).

It has been an exciting and motivating journey, although I had to face some hardships on the way, but it made me a stronger, smarter, and more empathetic person.

I regret nothing. Studying engineering has probably been the most rewarding decision I have ever made.

I am just extremely excited and looking forward to finish what I just 3 years ago started. With all its ups and downs. With new friends. With headaches. Getting to know extremely talented and motivated teachers, and also the shortcomings of publicly funded university.

The stress of exams, and the bliss of passing a particularly difficult subject.

It has all been worth it.

Thank you to everyone who joined me on this journey.

But most importantly: can't wait to join the workforce!


Might seem cheesy. And it probably is, but I am planning on writing a personal letter to each and every teacher who has contributed to my knowledge in a significant way, fueled my passion or motivation, or simply those tireless teachers in which you can see the most authentic passion and energy. The kind of teacher who is in love with their job. Those are probably the most powerful and important people in the world, and I'm not exaggerating at all.

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