I have noticed that I have less followers in Mastodon than Twitter, yet people interact with me and my posts much more often on Mastodon. If you're reading this from Twitter... Come join me on!

@L1Cafe that's what I've noticed to! Even here on Mastodon I'm on a bigger a instance ( that doesn't get much interaction but this one is amazing ☁️😎

@L1Cafe Is there too much noise on Twitter? I find the timelines on Twitter very difficult to follow too.

@supernova That is definitely a possible consequence of the size of Twitter versus this specific Mastodon instance. Twitter is also very generalist whereas this instance is focused on privacy, and privacy conscious people, which means it is easier for me to find interesting people to follow, and it is also easier for others to read me without all the noise.

@L1Cafe Twitter also sends links through their t dot co URL shortener so they can track users.

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