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Ever since I was 7 years old, I've been interested in computers, the Internet, and more recently, cybersecurity and social engineering.

I strive to become an excellent cybersecurity engineer. I'm always eager to learn and love meeting new people with similar interests. Feel free to drop me a DM!

For more information, please check out my personal blog:

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Friendly reminder: is a great project to contribute your otherwise idle computing power.

You can set complex scheduling options, either by time of day, battery level, non-BOINC CPU usage, mouse and keyboard activity and so on. This way, it won't take up all your resources when you're compiling or playing videogames.

You can also configure it to only take a percentage of the CPU, a specific core count, or only allow it to run in bursts.

Contribute today!

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I just got a much needed haircut. Turns out I wasn't going blind!

If you know something would make someone's day, and you know it's true, why not say it?

If you like the country someone comes from, or if you like what someone cooked, just say it.

We always like hearing sincere compliments, so why not take the first step? 馃憤

Does anyone know of an European IT company hiring English speakers? I am willing to learn the local language, but I will probably not have full proficiency on day one.

I'm thinking Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland, although I can also consider Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries outside of Europe.

Please, contact me or let me know where I can apply!

I'm now on FreeNode with the nick L1Cafe. Recommend me techy channels to join! :D

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Does anyone know why I can reach reserved IPv4 address spaces like from my OVH server?

OK, WireGuard time. First time using it, wish me luck. :blobthinkingeyes:

Hi! Do you know good books on climate research and terraforming? If you don't, can you boost / retweet this so it reaches more people? Maybe some of your followers know! Thanks!

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@amolith you can make your CI catching some of them:

Always a good thing to throw an analyzer at your stuff before publishing :blobfoxwinkmlem:

Just finished testing and deploying my Ansible script for

I'm using Vigil. It updates automatically and notifies me if anything goes wrong. This should make maintaining the whole infrastructure much easier, I hope!

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