Fairphone has already proven themselves. In order for it to really be a challenge Purism would actually have to produce a more modular phone or else it is just words. Fairphone has produced three more phones that are more modular than what Purism has developed. Fairphone has also provided a place to purchase the replacement parts needed.
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The recently released #GNOME Games 3.34 features an adaptive/convergent UI making it the perfect app to manage your Librem 5 gaming library on the go or in desktop mode blogs.gnome.org/alexm/2019/09/ #librem5 #linuxgames #linuxgaming

All three of those are covered by the calls app and chatty.

Signal, although open source, is centralized by OWS who doesn't respect forks. The only option at this point would be to get it running as an android app on the L5 (possibly through anbox).

No one is using the Librem 5, because it hasn't been released yet.

Purism is releasing that Librem 5 soon. Open software, open hardware. Can run a bunch of different Linux distros.

Last question: would the software support a second SIM-card if I made my own solution? I ask because I need two SIMs, but don't want two phones.

Purism-Yakuza ties confirmed.

But also, while I have you here. Do you happen to know the dual sim was decided against. In an AMA on Reddit a little over a year ago Todd Weaver said "Yes, this is part of our hardware requirements specification, and Nicole Faerber, our Director of Mobile, really wants that, so the odds of it happening are quite good." When asked about dual sim.

Then the product is likely not for you or your friends. But the services they provide are for the most already implemented in a convenient manner.

Have you considered an open source alternative to patreon such as liberapay and patroncloud?

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