I just found this great privacy research and tech channel on #peertube that I feel a lot of people would appreciate:)

Take a look and show him some love


This is exactly the use case I was describing just recently. Single-user peertube instances for the greatest control meanwhile being part of the larger network.

Spin one up:)

#privacy #tech #originalcontent #hosting #self-hosting

Looking at his mastodon posts, he seems very interesting!
Stupid question (I'm brand new to mastodon)... what is peertube? Is it like invidio.us?


@Euphoria @sunknudsen no worries, no invidio.us is simply a YouTube frontend while peertube is a self-hosted or community hosted YouTube-like instance. Think of how mastodon instances are independent but federate together. The really cool part is when you stream videos from them they behave like torrents that share the load as more people connect.
It really is amazing!


That's like magic Hahaha!
Seriously, that's amazing! I'm slowly trying to regain private habits and YouTube is a big one. As a contact provided who also can't stand yt, peertube looks very promising!

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