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That's like magic Hahaha!
Seriously, that's amazing! I'm slowly trying to regain private habits and YouTube is a big one. As a contact provided who also can't stand yt, peertube looks very promising!

Hey. Is there an invidious app for Roku? Also a PeerTube app? There are no official apps, but are there hidden ones?

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@Euphoria @sunknudsen cool, but don't be discouraged, the traffic isn't there yet because the creator's don't see why it's so valuable. The best advice I could give someone is to keep working with YouTube but mirror your content. Gradually introduce it to your audience as an option. In the end its a free backup of your content;). In case you get deplatformed...ha ha.

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@Euphoria @sunknudsen the best part is that it is truly decentralized unlike many other services that aim to be but still have profit motive and some form of central control. This means they will eventually turn evil:( Not peertube. See

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@Euphoria @sunknudsen no worries, no is simply a YouTube frontend while peertube is a self-hosted or community hosted YouTube-like instance. Think of how mastodon instances are independent but federate together. The really cool part is when you stream videos from them they behave like torrents that share the load as more people connect.
It really is amazing!

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The Mozilla layoff is terrible - not only for the former workers, but also the web at large.

If we are concerned about the future of a more private & secure web, without a monopoly - we might want to double-down on our support of Mozilla to ensure that more people keep their jobs.

Being vocal about the direction of #Firefox & #Mozilla to appropriate channels is surely needed - less Google & more innovation.

Let's work to oust any leadership without the vision we all need for a better web.

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