I changed my account to private to combat spam today. If you ever want to follow me, shoot me a follow request and I will accept unless you are a bot or your account is an ad.(follow spam)

@fedilab Fedilab isn't updating nor downloading on F-Droid. It says the requested file was not found.

"The first day of fall is upon us. Here's why this season is secretly awful."

I cannot lie, NBC nailed it in making this clickbait article about how fall was secretly killing people from the inside out.

(I didn't read the article though.)

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A few weeks ago, I reported an account from pawoo.net for the suspiciously rapidly-climbing number of people it followed.

This morning, I woke up to see that it tried following me *again*, under a different username but the *same* avatar and bio.

So, if you see an account with a bio that looks like this, do NOT accept their follow request. Block and report them immediately for spam-following. Make sure to send the report to pawoo.net as well.

I have no idea why anyone would use this F-droid feature.

Is anyone going to watch the GitHub Livestream? Sadly I can't because I will be driving to Winnipeg.

When is the next episode of WSJ instant message going to start?

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The more I ask about nuclear plants, the less happy I am.

I feel like if I push on someone will eventually tell me they're running Norton antivirus.

Everyone should agree that the iPhone 11 pro looks ugly.

Will Codecademy change the python 3 course to be free if python 2 is no more?

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big shoutout to the person responsible for hyping up facebook's new dating features as some other department confirms that they let almost a half a billion phone numbers leak

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I'm trying to make a social media network that can only be used with the API (it has no frontend because I am either lazy or can't work vue.js.)

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