Over 80% of Duplika's requests are served by Cloudflare edgeside cache, saving 6+TB/month. cfl.re/2qp0LY8 

IBM THINK Summit Tokyo is in full swing! Our Country Sales Head, Japan, Hiroki, will be speaking on modern DDoS trends tomorrow (5:15 PM) and Friday (12:15 PM) at Solutions Theatre (B&C Hall, 2nd floor). See you there. cfl.re/2WEtWI0 

Come see our own JimDBall on the panel at on June 19th at the marinabaysands in Singapore. The topic will be: The Cyber Challenge – Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, Network Security and Cybersecurity. Hope to see you there! cfl.re/2IMsBVR 

Attending Gartner Security Summit? Come visit the Cloudflare team at booth #851!

Attending Gartner Security Summit? Come meet see Cloudflare at boot #851!

We would love your feedback on some features we are working on. Help us test by signing up for an upcoming feedback session: cfl.re/2ISSp2P 

We are at the Gartner_inc Security & Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, Maryland today. Come by booth 851 and say hello.

Join nodebotanist and jRiest for a meetup at Cloudflare's Singapore office. Learn about V8, Web Assembly, and building serverless applications at the edge Tuesday, June 18, 18:00-22:30 cfl.re/2wKhvLy 

IBM THINK Summit is happening in Tokyo tomorrow till Friday. Cloudflare is a proud gold sponsor. Drop by our booth (#5, B&C Hall) for live demos and exciting gifts! cfl.re/2WEtWI0 

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