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@BurungHantu Why does it say "No" in the "foolproof" column of Signal? Afaik, all messages are E2EE by default.

@yozu @BurungHantu No. It automatically disables encryption when you are sending SMS to people who are not using Signal.

@yozu @BurungHantu Also in the guide it states "fullproof" as it's ONLY possible to send encrypted messages.

@tari_alfaro @yozu @BurungHantu Yes that is right. If you are able to send messages unencrypted in any way that is a possible opsec failure.

@tari_alfaro @BurungHantu Yeah but that is because you are no longer communicating over their protocol, right? How would you achieve E2EE with SMS?

@yozu @BurungHantu I do not know. You could use Oversec or OpenPGP. But I have never sent texts with either of those. So I do not know how it would work.

@tari_alfaro @yozu @BurungHantu There is also the app Silence which encrypts messages and sends them over SMS. The person receiving the message also must be using Silence.

@BurungHantu But for example, SafeSwiss Secure Messenger depends from Google Services and it contains code with 2 trackers. There are more to consider in that list...

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