What is your favorite everyday Browser?

@BurungHantu Probably Firefox or Chromium. On mobile I've been really enjoying Privacy Browser. It's really lightweight.

@tari_alfaro I'll check out Privacy Browser. Have you tried Brave on mobile?

@BurungHantu No. I do not want to use any sub versions of Chrome except for Chromium or Ungoogled Chromium(need to learn to compile Linux builds).

And I forgot to mention Tor Browser. I do most of my browsing through that or Tor proxy.

@tari_alfaro @BurungHantu Compiling from source isn't too complicated, but it can hit your CPU and RAM hard and take a long time depending on your hardware (especially in the case of something large like ungoogled chromium).

@BurungHantu Unfortunately Chrome... though just in the process of going back to Brave as it seems a little more mature.

If Firefox wasn't so slow and cpu hungry I would definitely use it.

@meatstheanswer @BurungHantu I love Firefox, but ... it is better than it used to be. But it is still slow and less snappy than Chrome/Chromium builds. Supposedly Ungoogled Chromium is really good.

@tari_alfaro @BurungHantu I did just reattempt Firefox but it's just to damn slow and killing my battery with its CPU sucking cycles.

@meatstheanswer @tari_alfaro Are you using a fresh installation? I dont have these problems. But I did had issues with a broken addon in the past. It took Firefox 20 sec to start because of that plugin.

@BurungHantu @tari_alfaro Yeah clean install. It is on MacOS however so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

@meatstheanswer @BurungHantu Possibly. Firefox isn't that slow for me. It boots on 1-3 seconds like any browser normally would. But scrolling and over all performance is slightly worse than Chrome's, enough to make you go back to it.

@Bristow_69 @BurungHantu @tari_alfaro I believe it's more to do with the add-on's and my use case in particular.

My first browser of choice is Brave
The second one is Firefox Developer Edition

Personally I use Vivaldi on my PC and firefox klar/brave on my phone


The curse and blessing of the modern world. So many options! I use surf with tabbed, so...

@BurungHantu I like Chromium engine, but I use Firefox. Open source and I'm able to use sync whit self hosted sync server. If anyone know Chromium browser that can sync whit self hosted sync server let Me know.

@maigonis @BurungHantu The self-hosted server sync is an awesome feature. I wish more selfhosting tools like FreedomBone or YunoHost added it.
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