The end of , where to go now? People on reddit love over how about on ?


+1 here

And keepass DX on android. I keep the database synced with syncthing.

I use git with some bash shell scripting to keep my keepassxc database updated across platforms, once set up its pretty easy way to keep everything up to date.

@BurungHantu I'm an ex-Lastpass user, never heard of Bitwarden but KeePassXC has served me well so far.

@BurungHantu i love KeePass and used it for years, but i switched to Bitwarden last year and it's just *so* much more convenient not having to manage the database file yourself and for much better autofill. that's easily worth $10/year to me for Premium to support the devs.

@BurungHantu Do you know if Bitwarden supports Yubikey and TOTP generation with a on premise server?

I will stay with KeePass2 because it can store my SSH keys and act as SSH agent. I don't think that Bitwarden is capable of this.

I've considered to use KessPassXC because of the more clever Yubikey management and the native UI on all platforms but it lacks the DAV storage backend with record by record sync which KeePass2 offers.

Yes, bitwarden on-prem supports Yubikey OTP and U2F. You have to be a premium user though. The same for OTP.
I do believe that the feature set is equal between on-prem and cloud. The differences is in the paid/free accounts.

@teecee @BurungHantu I don't think that you can have a payed account on a on premise system ...

@teecee @BurungHantu hmmm ... how can I get a "payed account" with a on premise server setup? Any link for further reading?

@mahescho @BurungHantu Yeah, you need to create an account on with the same e-mail as the account on your server. It's clearly explained here:

#KeePass is good for when you like to micro-manage everything, find workarounds, find the correct and recommended Add-ons, trust those Add-ons, etc. So I moved from keepass to #Bitwarden and I've lived happily after. Now I have no sync issues, one company with FOSS creating all the other features, and great passwords sharing feature with my family.

Keeping all your passwords on a sticky note under your keyboard.

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